Mark B. Johnson, MD, MPH, was elected CMS president-elect and will be installed as CMS president in September 2021.

Katie Lozano, MD, FACR, and A. Lee Morgan, MD, were re-elected to the AMA Delegation, joining other delegates David Downs, MD, FACP; Jan Kief, MD; Tamaan Osbourne-Roberts, MD; Lynn Parry MSc, MD; Carolynn Francavilla, MD; Rachelle Klammer, MD; Brigitta Robinson, MD, FACS; and Michael Volz, MD.

Finally, the slate of nominees for the COMPAC Board of Directors was affirmed. The new board members are Eric Balaban, MD; David Beck, MD; Rachel Landin, DO; Lucy Loomis, MD; Claire Murphy, MD; Lynn Parry, MD; Sean Pauzauskie, MD; Jim Regan, MD; Carol Stamm, MD; Christopher Unrein, DO; Michael Volz, MD; and William Wright, MD. They join current board members John “Jack” Cletcher, MD; Taj Kattapuram, MD; Jibran Khan; Katie Lozano, MD; A. Lee Morgan, MD; Edward Norman, MD; and Patricia Weber, MD; as well as ex-officio board members Sami Diab, MD; Mark B. Johnson, MD, MPH; and Kim Warner, MD.

The full membership of the Colorado Medical Society was invited in August to vote in the 2020 CMS Leadership Election. Thanks to all of the physicians who voted this year. Thanks, also, to these physician leaders for volunteering their time to the Colorado Medical Society and all Colorado physicians and patients.

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