While the Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) ends July 31, resources created with funding from the federally funded governor’s office initiative are available for free to all providers in the state. The initiative (www.co.gov/healthinnovation) worked with 25 percent of the state’s primary care practice sites and accomplished its goal of expanding access to integrated physical and behavioral health. New practice data shows that SIM-participating practices also gained the skills they need to succeed with alternative payment models. SIM also invested in workforce development, including online educational modules that prepare providers for success in integrated settings and address provider burnout: https://cuelearning.org/courses/burnout/.

Recognizing the challenges to delivering integrated behavioral and physical health or whole-person care in primary care settings, the SIM team customized educational modules to help care teams ensure that all providers are effective and working up to their licensure. With increasing demands on provider time and energy, the risk of burnout and dissatisfaction is high. Research shows that primary care providers more frequently report burnout due to growing demands of conflicting priorities – beyond actual patient care – and integrated care teams can help mitigate these issues.

To build resilience, a SIM-funded team built a resource repository (www.co.gov/cdhs/behavioral-health-workforce-development) that can be accessed free of charge by registering at https://cuelearning.org/ and using the “SIM” registration code. SIM encourages all physicians and practices to access and use these resources for your care teams.

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