With the onset of colder weather and the introduction of the new omicron variant of COVID-19, the Colorado Medical Society would like to remind you what you can do for yourself and your loved ones to minimize the risk of becoming infected. We also encourage businesses and workplaces to adopt policies and procedures that will best protect both their workforces and the public.

In the interest of clarity and brevity, here is a list of essential actions you can take to protect yourself and others from getting ill with COVID-19:

  1. Vaccination – by far the best preventive measure you can take is to get vaccinated, encourage vaccination of all vaccine-eligible persons in your family, and surround yourself with others who have been vaccinated.
  2. Face – cover it (including the nose) when ill and when indoors in public or when with anyone who is not vaccinated.
  3. Place – outside is safer than inside for most activities but keep warm. When inside, make sure there is adequate ventilation.
  4. Space – keep a safe distance between yourself and anyone who may be unvaccinated.
  5. Pace – minimize the time you are indoors with anyone who may be unvaccinated.
  6. Hygiene – wash your hands or use hand sanitizer often and keep frequently touched surfaces clean.

Indoor places where you must take off your face covering, such as restaurants and bars, and places where you may be indoors for a longer period of time with people of unknown vaccination status, such as theaters, concert halls and some workplaces, have been shown to be areas of high risk of infection transmission. Because of this, mandatory or voluntary policies requiring proof of vaccination, face coverings, adequate ventilation and appropriate distancing are examples of best practices. 

Stay safe, and have a wonderful and healthy holiday season!

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