Trial lawyers are threatening to make health care more expensive, harder to access and less safe in Colorado. It’s imperative that we solve this issue now at the State Capitol. CMS is working with COPIC, Coloradans Protecting Patient Access, and others in support of Senate Bill 130 to ward off this threat. This bill is the reasonable and responsible alternative to these ballot initiatives that will provide fair compensation to plaintiffs while still protecting patient safety, quality of care, affordability, and health care access for all Coloradans. We need your help now to turn up the political heat to be successful. 

The trial lawyers have ramped up their misguided attacks by filing four new ballot initiatives. Now, there are five total in play: #150 and #277 are direct attacks on liability caps, #274, #275 and #276 are going after confidential information, including peer review, quality improvement and medical records. If passed, these ballot initiatives would drive up the cost of health care in our state and reduce access to care for patients, with the damage starting in rural areas.  

We can’t afford to put health care at risk for millions of Coloradans just to line the pockets of a small group of attorneys. 

We need your immediate action:

  • Contact your legislators to urge their support of SB24-130 -- which provides a reasonable increase in caps and is supported by CMS, COPIC and other key physician and patient advocates. Some of you answered our call to action, but we need many more to respond! Urgently send a message to your legislator today and encourage your colleagues to do the same. 
  • We are just one-quarter of the way to our fundraising goal for the CMS Liability Defense Fund by the end of April. Click here to contribute to these efforts. Your contribution will make a difference. 
  • Patient stories have the ability to make a profound impact. Start reaching out to those whose lives you have touched and connect them to our communications team, who will work with them to tell the story of your care and how these ballot initiatives might hurt their ability to access quality health care in the future.
  • Learn about this issue and become an advocate: Reach out to access a CMS webinar: "Defend Against Threats to Peer-Review and Malpractice Liability", and distribute resources in your practice.