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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

SALARY:  $150 hourly, paid monthly


The Douglas County Health Department (DCHD) Medical Officer advises the DCHD Executive Director and the Douglas County Board of Health (BOH) on medical issues decisions pertaining to and affecting public health in Douglas County. This is a part-time, on-call contractor opportunity.


Services include but are not limited to:

- Attend monthly Board of Health meetings to respond to medical questions from board members as directed by the Executive Director.

- Provide medical consultation to the Executive Director regarding the required public health services of:

  • Communicable disease surveillance and transmission;
  • Human health hazard control (e.g. public health emergencies; human health hazards; disease outbreaks; epidemic; pandemics; and threats to the health of the public through atypical manifestations or current, emerging, or reemerging communicable diseases);
  • Isolation and quarantine orders; and
  • Other matters of public health impact.

- Present to the BOH and to the media when directed by the Executive Director.
- Engage in bi-weekly planning and/or updates with the Executive Director.
- Be available at DCHD team meetings for consultation and to educate staff.
- Serve as a point of contact for court depositions or appearances for DCHD, including consulting as necessary during legal proceedings.
- Consult on and uphold DCHD medical and clinical policies, procedures, protocols, and standard of care.
- Review activities of healthcare providers contracted to provide services on behalf of DCHD.
- Support annual certification for the Vaccines for Children ("VFC") program and annual VFC training. Provide oversight for administering vaccines under standing orders and protocols for the VFC program.
- Authorize DCHD to use Colorado medical license number and DEA registration to order pharmaceuticals, including vaccines, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and DCHD policies and procedures.
- Provide recommendations and order tests for staff/clients needing disease control services (e.g. specimen collection, diagnostic/laboratory testing), as needed and requested.
- Write prescriptions for antibiotics (e.g. prophylaxis) or other medications, as necessary and per agency procedures, to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.


- Maintain all licenses and certifications, including a State of Colorado medical license, required to perform required duties.
- Maintain any and all Center for Disease Control and Prevention ("CDC") and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment ("CDPHE") certifications that are or may be necessary to supervise DCHD programs.
- Be available by phone within one hour of notice for consultation during normal operating hours and within six hours of notice at all other times.
- Provide DCHD with as much written notice as possible for unscheduled absences and two (2) weeks' notice in advance for scheduled absences if the Medical Director will not be able to provide Services.
- The position requires successful completion of a criminal background check including fingerprinting through a national database.


For more information and to apply, please email: