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CDPHE Contact Information

For local public health agencies and healthcare providers only:

  • From Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m., please call 303-692-2700.
  • For after-hours, holidays, and weekends, please call 303-370-9395.

For general questions about COVID-19:

  • Call CO-HELP at 303-389-1687 or 1-877-462-2911.
  • You can also email for answers in English.

Latest updates:

PPE Requests: Information and Contacts

Are you running low on PPE?

PPE is in short supply and this tool is designed to help you and your practice obtain necessary PPE as quickly and efficiently as possible

Step 1

Check re-supply availability from various vendors
In order to request emergency PPE supplies from the state of Colorado you must provide proof of the shortage and independent attempts to obtain PPE through other sources

Step 2

Reach out to regional healthcare coalitions to check accessibility of resource sharing/ready Memorandum Of Understanding (MOUs)

Step 3

Contact Local Public Health Authority or Local Emergency Operations Center to begin the resource request process to access state of Colorado emergency PPE supplies


Adams County
Emergency Management:  Ron Sigman
Office: 720-523-6601
Email: or Email:

Arapahoe County 
Emergency Management Contact: Nathan Fogg
Office: 720-874-3659å
Email: or Email:

City of Aurora Office of Emergency Management:

Boulder County (and City)

Emergency Management Contact:  Mike Chard
Office: 303-441-3390 - 24 Hr Phone: 303-441-4444 

Boulder County Public Health
Contact: Indira Gujral (Communicable Disease/Emer. Management Manager)
Phone: 303-413-7500
COVID-19 Guidelines for Boulder County Healthcare Providers

Denver County (and City)
Emergency Management Contact: matthew Mueller (interim)
Office: 720-865-7604- 24 Hr Contact: 720-865-5500

Denver County Health Department contact: DDPHE medical desk
Phone: 720-865-7623
Email: DDPHE DOC Logistics at

Douglas County 
Emergency Management Contact:  Tim Johnson
Emergency Management Coordinator: Debrah Schnackenberg
Office: 303-660-7589 - 24 hour contact: 303-660-7500
Email: or Email:

Eagle County
Emergency Management Contact:  Birch Barron
Office: 970-328-3545 - 24 Hr Contact: 970-479-2201

Elbert County
Emergency Management Contact: Alex Jakubowski
Office: 303-805-6132 - 24 Hr Contact:  303-660-7500

El Paso County
Emergency Management Contact:  Lonnie Inzer
Office: 719-575-8400 - 24 Hour Contact: 719-575-8422

Larimer County 
Emergency Management Contact:  Lori R. Hodges
Cell: 303-656-3216
Online request form (Someone from Larimer County Emergency Operations Center will contact you)

Mesa County 
Emergency Management Contact:  Andrew Martsolf 
Office: 970-244-1763 - 24 Hr Contact: 970-242-6707

Pueblo County 
Emergency Management Contact:  Mark Mears
Office: 719-583-6203 - 24 Hr Contact: 719-583-6250 

Pueblo Department of Public Health & Environment
Randy Evetts, MPA; 719-583-4513;
Margaret Comstock RN, MSHCA; o 719-583-4331; c 719.214.1262;
Vanessa Brazee, BS; o 719 583 4925 c 719 310 9761;

Summit County 
Emergency Management Contact: Brian Bovaird
Office: 970-423-8912

Weld County 
EOC: Weld Co Office of Emergency Management 
Contact: Denise Bradshaw Emergency Management Coordinator
Phone: 970-400-3996
Online request form (Email completed form to: