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Colorado physicians seeking to dive deeper into their health equity journeys can self-select into a 3-month program that provides them with up to 16.5 Enduring CME credits and a certificate of completion.

The cohort program will consist of three modules broken into four components (12 sessions). Each session will be self-paced and made up of curated content that is approximately 60-90 minutes in length. 

Content will be sent to you via e-mail weekly over the course of three months and will include articles, webinars, podcasts, videos, and self-reflections. 

Participants will have the option to join three monthly one-hour discussions with peers in the cohort, to reflect and debrief on their learnings. Discussions facilitated by HE Cohort alumni Chris Linares, MD, and Jude Harrison, MD.

Additional program details

Month 1:  Establishing a Foundation in Health Equity

  • Explore our individual experiences that have shaped our conscious and unconscious reactions to people who are different from us, aspects of our culture that lead to systemic inequity, and steps we can be taking to constructively address these.

Month 2: Addressing Inequities in the Clinic

  • Identify opportunities to create clinical environments and health care organizations inclusive and welcoming for underserved and underrepresented populations across race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and ability. Build skills to care for each of these populations. Identify internal systems of power and overcome institutionalized resistance to equitable practices.

Month 3: Addressing underlying system inequities that adversely affect health outcomes

  • Recognize the historical contexts in which systems evolved resulting in existing health disparities. Learn how to identify systems and policies that lead to inequality and build a skill set to advocate for laws, policies, and regulations that strive for health equity. Identify external systems of power and overcome institutionalized resistance to addressing health inequities. Develop skills to identify and build relationships with fellow equity champions and establish a community of interest to share resources and amplify advocacy efforts.

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Register here! The cohort will begin March 11, 2024.