Final Word: Partners on policy and practice
by Eric Speer, MBAHA, FACMPE, Chief Administrative Officer, Centeno-Schultz Clinic

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Under the Golden Dome: A report on the Colorado Option and CMS’s other legislative priorities
by Emily Bishop, Director, Division of Government Affairs

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President’s Letter: CMS has your back
by Sami Diab, MD, President, Colorado Medical Society

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Colorado Medical Society launches Partners in Medicine
Bringing trusted, vetted, valuable resources to CMS members
by Dianna Fetter, CMS Senior Director of Business Development

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After action report

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COPIC Comment: COPIC Medical Foundation
2021 grants
by Gerald Zarlengo, MD, Chairman & CEO, COPIC Insurance Company

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New legislation that impacts your practice
Partners in Medicine spotlight
by David Schmeltzer, Director of Education, Abyde

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