Three free, one-hour, confidential, pre-clinical peer wellbeing consultation sessions for any Colorado physician or medical student


Why is CMS launching Doc2Doc Wellbeing Consulting?

A study published by the American Medical Association, the Mayo Clinic, and Stanford Medicine in December 2022 showed an alarming 62.8 percent of physicians experienced symptoms of burnout in 2021, up from 38 percent the previous year. This follows similarly concerning studies that indicated one in every five physicians planned to leave practice within two years, while one in three anticipated cutting back their hours.

Many physicians having workplace or situational concerns would benefit from true peer-to-peer support from a physician wellbeing expert. Doc2Doc is meant to provide pre-clinical assistance to any Colorado medical licensee or medical student without lengthy documentation or extensive evaluation. Even if you are not yet a Colorado Medical Society member, you have access to this program. Don't wait until a problem gets too big. Utilize these free peer consultation sessions for a confidential way to talk about your wellbeing with a peer expert who understands.